ISO Certification Services of Integrated Certification Services

ICS – Integrated Certification Services is an organization for independent ISO Certification and Third Party Inspection services which, is a certified partner of its internationally IAF accredited partner with official representation. It refers to view ‘About‘ and ‘Services‘ section for more and satisfied details to avail the services of Swiss Approval International internationally to get our reliable services successfully. i.e. ISO certification.

IAF Accredited Body

ICS is an external partner to carry the representation of the IAF/ MLA Accredited Certification Body in Pakistan including middle-east, Afghanistan and other neighbouring countries. Our services include Certifications, Inspections and Personnel Certifications in terms of training programs.

ISO Certification

Management Systems Certification

An accredited management system certification helps Customers to assure that they will receive benefits and…

ISO Certification

Health Care Certifications

Health Care Certification Services is the strategic choice of SWISS APPROVAL International …

ISO Certification

Personnel Qualification

Qualification & Certification of Persons, is a unique process for Professionals

ISO Certification

Industrial Inspection Services

Third Party Inspection, Monitoring and Approval – ISO 17020 accredited & Notified Body (NoBo)…

Change is obvious; adopt the change through ISO certification to set the bench mark to execute the business process with confidence.

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